Nous Uncovered

Inspiration for Nous comes directly through the root of the word, which translates into ‘understand, mind, thought or reason’. Nous is an online destination that draws its inspiration from the very essence of worldly culture and wanderlust; featuring a collection of exclusive handmade statement accessories carefully curated from around the globe.

To know the brand is to know the founder; Nous is the brainchild of Christina Noussis, an events specialist by profession and a wanderer by heart. With years of travel and cultural experience to fuel her passion, every accessory at Nous reflects her style, personality and love for different cultures around the world. She believes that jewellery is the ultimate definition of one’s personal identity – it is a form of self-expression and confidence, hence all of Nous’ accessories are large, bold and eye-catching – thoughtfully curated for the strong, confident women that wear them.

Storytelling is the heartbeat of this brand and every accessory at Nous is a masterpiece that tells a unique story that artfully conveys the tales of each products origin, the artist’s inspiration and Christina's own experience of finding these one-of-a-kind treasures. 

Nous aspires to become a global community that not only builds relationships with designers and artists, giving them the opportunity to be part of a cultural journey but also celebrates the founder’s love for design through the eponymous ‘by Nous’ label.

We welcome you to the world of Nous; where it's not just about wearing an accessory but rather about adorning your body with a beautiful piece of art.